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Hypertention / Cancer Laser Healing Device , Laser Therapy Watch With Red / Blue Light

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 698-998USD
Packaging Details : 19*12*13cm Delivery Time : 50000
Payment Terms : L/C, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram PAYPAL
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE Model Number: GY-L2

Detail Information

Product Name: Wrist Laser Watch Red And Blue Light Equipments For Hypertention And Cancer Function: Treatment
Application: Diabet And Rhinitis Certificate: CE
Color: White & Black 0EM & ODM: YES
Light Therapy Source: Laser And Blue Light Output Beams No: 26 Laser Beams
Size: 19*12*13cm Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

laser therapy for pain


laser therapy equipment

Product Description

wrist laser watch red and blue light equipments for hypertention and cancer
Product Description



1.High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, diabetes
2.high blood viscosity, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death
3.pain relief, sport injury, wound, joint pain, fracture, arthritis and all kinds of body pain
4.rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps
5.hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



Laser medium GaA/As Semiconductor
Light emission wavelength 650nm and 450nm
Terminal laser probe watch: red*6+ blue*4, ear applicator: red*2, nasal: red*1 + blue*1, pain relief pad: red*6+blue*6
Laser output power 2-5mw for each laser probe
Laser operating voltage 3.0 V
Input voltage of power 100-240 V switching adapter
Fixed time range 10-60 mins can be adjusted
Environment temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Relative humidity ≤85%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Power source use 1600 mA Lithium ion battery
Product Packing 1pc/box,19*12*13cm



Effects of Blue Light


Blue light stimulates the first complex of the respiratory chain (NADH dehydrogenase).

It has the following effects:

l anti-inflammatory effects

l enhances NO production

l activates telomerase (Anti-Aging!)

By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad can be used very successfully in dermatology.



The Following function will come with watch soon.

Why Yellow Light?


Yellow light promotes serotonin and vitamin D metabolism.

Vitamin D - the "sunshine vitamin" and "sun hormone" is essential for bones, connective tissue and immune system. It helps to protect against infections and regulates our metabolism and hormone system.

Serotonin is our "happiness hormone" and is involved in the regulation of numerous body processes. When binding to certain receptors, it affects the contraction of blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. It also regulates our intestinal movements. Without serotonin, we are mentally labile.

The Laser Watch has shown to increase the serotonin level in the blood and thus lightens the mood and stimulates vitality. Yellow light stimulates the mitochondrial respiratory chain at complex III (cytochrome) and acts strongly detoxifying and anti-depressive.



Effects of Green Light


Green light binds to hemoglobin, the ferrous blood compound in the red blood cells. It improves the function, behaviour and cell elasticity of those cells as well as the oxygen supply.

Other effects:

l Improved oxygen affinity

l Decreases in lactic acid

l Reduced blood viscosity

l Improved blood flow

l Activation of reparative and stabilizing pathways

Just as yellow light, green light stimulates complex III of the mitochondrial respiratory chain (cytochrome c reductase).

All Advantages at a Glance

l High wearing comfort at home or on the go

l Easy handling

l Multifunctional use

l Little time required: Immediate and verifiable effects within just a few minutes (use 1 to 2 times daily for approx. 30 mins.)

l No side effects





Product Contraindications


1. bleeding state with caution;

2. caution during pregnancy;

3. 13 years of age with caution;

4. untreated epilepsy patients with caution;

5. With cancer or malignant tumor with caution;

6. patients with pacemakers in the body with caution;

7. Sensitive light (congenital or caused by drugs) with caution;

8. Do not directly use the laser light to illuminate the eyes / retina;

9. frequent bleeding or a large number of blood loss with caution;

10.coagulation dysfunction, or blood coagulation weak with caution;
11.In the case of hyperthyroidism, do not direct exposure to the neck or thyroid;


common problem

1.How do I choose the power and treatment time?


For the power, It is divided into four levels.


For the time, It divided into 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, 50 min, 60 min.


For general patient, we suggested for 30 min with the highest power.


It's suggested Twice or three times a day and 30 min per each treatment.


The time and power can be according to your own fitness scale or adaptedness gradually add per


each treatment time to 10 min or 60 min.


After every 10 days treatment, pause 1 or 2 days. Then continues the next 10 days treatment.



2.How to operate the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument?


Firstly, wear only for left hand. The device's back part correspond with the radial artery.


If there is a lot of dirt on your nasal cavity laser probe or ear cavity laser probe before application,


please clean it. When using nasal cavity laser probe, stick the nasal cavity head into your nose for 2-3 cm


and clamp the nasal septum. Using way of ear cavity laser probe is the same as wearing common


earphone. Press on/off key to turn on the device. You will see the LCD screen is on, only mode A is


activated. Press Mode key to choose Red/Blue or both modes for laser therapeutic instrument.


Insert the nasal or ear or pain relief pad probes line into the socket, mode B is also activated. Press on/off


key one second to start the treatment (notice: long press of the on/off key will shut down the instrument),


you can see the laser coming out from the phototherapy instrument probe during the treatment.


After the treatment is finished, long press on/off key to shut down the instrument. Store in a safe place


after cleaning (gently wipe by tissue) the therapy head. Only one probe work each time, nasal cavity laser


probe, ear cavity laser probe and laser pain relief pad can't work together.



3.How to find the Radial Artery?


Using two fingers of your right hand to position the outside of the left hand's first wrist line


Then, use the instrument backpart of the Radial Artery laser acupoint correspond with the hand's Radial


Artery to wear the instrument on your left hand.


4.May I choose do not use the nasal cavity irradiation?


We strongly recommend that should combine with the nasal cavity irradiation. Thus, can get the maximum


treatment efficiency. Before using the nasal cavity probe, DO USE the small cap to protect on the head.


Please clean your nasal cavity head with 0.9% normal saline (sold in drugstores), or gently wipe by tissue.


Then, stick the nasal cavity probe into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum.


5.What others should I pay attention to during the treatment period?


You do not need to change your other living habits, while you should develop a certain diet or do certain


exercise if you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, etc.; in




please do not use ethanol to clean your nasal cavities and the phototherapy instrument head, since


ethanol irritates mucosa and will damage the probe shell. It is suggested to clean with 0.9% normal saline


(sold in drugstores) or gently wipe with a wet paper towel.



6.May I choose a longer treatment time to enhance the curative effect?


You are suggested to use the instrument according to the time and magnitude specified by us. Because


medical experiment has found out that the more energy the mucosal tissue of human body absorbs from


soft laser will not necessarily enhance curative effect, since over radiation will make the mucosal tissue


to be less sensitive.


7.Will I feel anything during the treatment?


You will hardly feel any pain, harshness or other discomfort; however, since light luminance coming out of


the therapy head is fairly high, please do not bring out the phototherapy head and directly observe the


light with your eyes and it is better to close your eyes during the treatment. In the few beginning days,


because of improved blood circulation state, very few patients will experience such normal phenomenon


as dry throat, headache, worse rhinobyon, slight nose bleed, etc. If you have serious discomfort, you may


reduce the treatment time or power for each treatment, or reuse it after three days, the discomfort will


disappear soon.


Hypertention / Cancer Laser Healing Device , Laser Therapy Watch With Red / Blue Light 0

Hypertention / Cancer Laser Healing Device , Laser Therapy Watch With Red / Blue Light 1


Hypertention / Cancer Laser Healing Device , Laser Therapy Watch With Red / Blue Light 2








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