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March 22, 2016

Latest company news about BIO RHYTHEM TESTER


                                                                                          By DOLMA INDUSTRY LIMITED

                                                                                                             Date 21st May, 2016


Product Description

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Non-Medical Devices

Messure time





Security Key

USB cables



Power Source

Power feeding using USB port


Physical Health management based on Bio Rhythem theory




Premium Design with compact size

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Thank you for Bio Rhythem Tester!


Main Function

Display within 60sec about User's Physical/Emotional/Intellectual Data depend on user's birth day, height and weight.

Bio Rhythem Tester can be used to predict user's physical state at measurement time.

This predicted result is not real physical state but is depend on biorhythm theory.


Intended User

Bio Rhythem Tester is designed for health care worker, sportsman, Business of health functional food etc.



Biorhythm software primarily simulates an electronic device for the calculation of biorhythms Users can have a momentary value of mental, emotional and physical curves calculated and their diagrams displayed or ascertain their values for any given date. This product also allows them to determine a percentage of partnership harmony and contains a hidden game as a bonus. Biorhythm models depend on three cycles: a 23-day "physical" cycle, a 28-day "emotional" cycle, and a 33-day "intellectual" cycle. Each of these cycles divide to detail body condition

For example, physical biorhythms are compatible. There is a strong physical attraction between partners and what is more a complete sexual satisfaction, which is the only reason for many families not to break up. But the partners need more than sex. A spiritual warmth and mutual understanding are also necessary. There is lack of it.


How to Use Bio Rhythem Tester

We all have experienced days of joy and days of depression. For some unknown reason our dispositions can and do change. Biorhythm reports can be used to explain some of this and with practice can be used to predict it. As we said near the beginning of this article, personal observations of your own physical, emotional, and intellectual state and how they coincide with the + numbers and - numbers on the screen will give you the most insight as to how they should be interpreted. I have learned the most by looking back at the chart when I haven't looked at it for several days and seeing how critical days and highs and lows have coincided with events from those past days.


Each numbers in the results are relative levels, not absolute. You can not predict the real physical state with biorhythms, but you can give yourself the advantage of informed judgment. With practice, your biorhythm results will help you to understand your day to day ups and downs and to prepare for them.


I don't want to open a can of cosmic worms here, but I believe that it is a mixture of pure fate and our own rational and emotional choices that rule our destiny. This chart can only serve to guide in those choices. It is not a panacea for a perfect life, but an advisor. The outcome of your day to day activities is, for the most part, in your hands.


Don't sit in and hide on critical days. Just be prepared to exercise some extra caution. Perhaps put off an important decision or activity for a day or two. Knowing that your energy level may be low during a certain period will allow you to be prepared for it. When you have a choice, say for selecting a time for selective surgery, use the chart to pick what should be an optimum time. I have climbed 14,000 ft. mountains during low periods, on critical days and at high periods. Your biorhythm results are not the only factors determining your physical, emotional, and intellectual state at a given time.


Have fun with our biorhythm tester. I hope that you are soon able to understand how your reports affect you. 

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