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sincerely hope you and your family all are fine.

April 8, 2020

How are you?
How's the situation there for this coronavirus attack?
sincerely hope you and your family all are fine.
I want to share with you some suggestions on virus prevention;
We were afraid, when the coronoma came, and we didn't know how to do it. We were informed the day after tomorrow that we should not go out, protect ourselves and close the communities and villages, therefore, the whole city is empty. No one walks on the street. We have to stay at home every day, unless we need to purchase necessities of life. We have to wear masks when we go out. In supermarkets and intersections, the distance between people needs to be more than one meter, and there are staff to measure our body temperature and disinfect with 75% alcohol;
When the outbreak period gradually passed, we began to return to work. After several weeks of working at home, we began to go back to work slowly, but we still needed to wear masks every day, disinfection in the office and work area, people need to stagger time to travel, avoid congestion, so the subway and the company need to control the number of people;
Today New cases in Hubei Province have dropped to single digits , all the roads in China will be unblocked very soon , we can live as usual again, I hope these measures can help you.
friends, please do not be afraid, take positive measures and attitude to fight the virus .
by the way,We have the resources of epidemic prevention supplies, if you need, please contact me
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