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What is Red Light Wellness Therapy?

May 19, 2023

Latest company news about What is Red Light Wellness Therapy?

When you expose your entire body to red and near-infrared light, a part of your cells called the mitochondria, or the “powerhouse” of your cells, soak it up and make more energy, also known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). By increasing the function of the mitochondria using Red Light Wellness, a cell can make more ATP. With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

Red and near-infrared light occupy the “long end” of the visible spectrum with wavelengths of 630nm-940nm. Red and near-infrared light is effective for use on the skin's surface and penetrates up to two inches into the body affecting the cells, tissues, blood, nerves, the brain, and bone.

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