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Where and what to buy 8D NLS and Metatron Hunter 4025?

June 30, 2017

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Yes, there are some companies who do sell Metatron hunter 4025 and 8D NLS. Their hardware is not good, and their software is just bad and can not provide software update free.


Plus that they do not know how their products should work.

Their claims are unqualified, unrealistic and untrue.


Personally I have good experience with the following companies.

They sell good products and their after sales and support is also all right.

(Support of the software is another chapter.)

This is what I have seen and what others have reported to me.

We all know the fairy tale *AliBaba und the forty thieves*.

In China they have adapted that to *Alibaba with the forty names*.


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Alibaba tries to attract as many search engines as possible, and therefore uses different names for the same machine. But that makes it very difficult to choose the proper one.


On my request SSCH group therefore launched another website, where a choice was not difficult. However, I found out, that they placed also too many different systems, too many different machines (metal cases, white plastic cases and black cases) and too many different prices.


3D NLS, 8D NLS (LRIS), 9D NLS, Metatron NLS, Metatron Hunter 4025. They also mention software types randomly: Software which cannot run on certain machines. (Metapathia 3 is different from Vector.) So for newcomers, it is impossible to make a proper choice. Even I get lost here. For that reason I have left out the URL of this company.


Easier to make a choice is:


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It is not understandable why on alibaba there are such differences in price for the same machine in US$: 988-5900, or 8000-10000, or 4998-8000, or 1-6000. A price of US$ 1,- looks nice to me.


The original Oberon Metatron systems do have several different software: Metapathia 1, Metapathia 2, Metapathia 3 HASP, Metapathia 3 Emerald, Metapathia GR Hunter, Metapathia GR Clinical, Red Dragon.


Don't get fooled by the numbers. There is a 3D NLS, software Diacom, effective, simple, straight forwarded, but limited in possibilities. There is a 8D NLS, or LRIS, effective, but with a treasure of possibilities.


I have seen a 9D NLS, which is effectively a 3D NLS with Diacom software. A 9D or 15D or 17D NLS, is just a cheap copy of the 8D NLS LRIS, with older software.


So, if you want to stay on the safe side, order with my recommended companies. If you are hesitant for ordering to China, use Paypal. You have guarantee by Paypal. Alibaba also gives guarantee.


Hunter4025 LRIS NLS Touch included computer. The screen is a Touch Screen. It looks the same as the 8D LRIS Touch version.


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Although the screen is very clear and crisp, some persons may find the screen too small. For that, one may connect it to a computer monitor or a flatscreen TV. The connection can be by a VGA cable or a HDMI cable. Works perfect.


The Windows 7 Ultimate has a built-in keyboard, which can be called upon by a finger on the screen. I use a rubber pointed screen pen, but a connected mouse is easier.


My advice for best buy at the moment is:

a SSCH Hunter 4025 with the LrisVIRUS software.


That way you'll have two complementary systems in one machine.

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