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Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter

Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter
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Type: Clinical Diagnostic Nonlinear System
Weight: 7kg
Color: Silver
Function: Analysis &therapy
Accuracy: 95% Or More
Support O.S: Window Xp,window Vista,window7,win8(32&64bit)
Language Version: English,German,Russian
Language Version: Spanish,English,Chinese,German,Russian,Japanese
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metatron nls diagnostic


body health machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY-4025
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pcs/box 5pca/carton
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days after the payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,PAYPAL, L/C, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000
Product Description

Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Health Analyzer Metapathia nls 4025 Hunter


Description and Field of Application

Telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus "Metatron" (hereinafter "apparatus") can beused for nonlinear analysis of biological structures and testing of biologically active supplements. The apparatus can also be used in research centers and scientific research facilities.


Main feature for Metatron 4025 Hunter

The main feature of Metapathia GR Hunter software is function called “Three-dimensional Scanning” which allows to localize automatically a nidus where tumor appeared,heritable diseases, etc. and to find the reason of appearance at genome level, passing one after another histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and go deeper to fragments of DNA helix.




Nonlinear systems are inspired by the discoveries and ideas of Theodore Van Hoven, who discovers the theory of the logic of quantum entropy, summarizing scientifically “The exchange of information between systems is carried out at a distance in an associative and selective manner, non-linear thanks to the appropriate amount of electromagnetic radiation, which has the adequate energy to destabilize the links of the elemental structure of the system. All this is based on the development of Russian technology and the need to perform high-level non-invasive treatments in the human body.



We will say that it is one of the most up-to-date scientific advances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and is based on the scientific evidence that every organism and tissue has its own electromagnetic frequency, and it is possible to evaluate it through the exchange of information between non-linear systems. The intensity of the exchange of information means that it is possible to establish a connection and frequency exchange with any living tissue through its electromagnetic frequency.
And finally we call this to detect the levels of entropy, that is, the micro-states present within a macro system that give it shape.
Living organisms, including organs and tissues, emit a frequency and each one has its own electric vibration, and if any of these frequencies is altered and remains that way, a disease ensue


You can also work with:



  • Due to its intuitive user interface, it is able to reveal oncological diseases on time.
  • It is the NLS of greater speed with its new algorithms that at the same time allows a greater certainty in the analysis of the human body.
  • Performs three-dimensional scanning with the possibility of finding areas where you are or may develop a tumor.
  • It also detects hereditary diseases, can analyze DNA as well as histological, cytological and chromosome sets by delving into the DNA helix. It also analyzes the genome level.
  • It reveals real changes in the tissues in a macro way and is able to investigate the histological sections in a meticulous way.
  • The technician can carry out the investigation of multivariate topological images and metastasis in other organs, if the user places automatic mode and can interrupt his evaluation at any time without suffering damages.
  • New high performance continuous scanning system (metatrons) which gives a high diagnostic reliability.
  • Spectrum of minerals and gems allows to select according to the patient treated by biocompatibility, a certain stone to apply therapy, healing or treatment by mineral radio spectrum.
  • It evaluates the tissues and microstructures of microbial agents, viruses, helminths, rickekttsia, toxoplasmas, traces as well as potent homeopathic medicines.
  • It has a function called Smart Filter which allows applying to a quick treatment with the patient, using the electromagnetic waves present in the tissues.
  • It contains a wide database of medical products, food supplements and homeopathic remedies, which can be recommended to patients according to the pathology presented.
  • You can see at what stage the disorder is and if the process is acute or chronic.
  • It is also possible to determine how the disorder will develop in the future, this would allow to discover if a therapy is adequate or if the body can heal the problem by itself.
  • Tune the electromagnetic frequency corresponding to each tissue and organ without human intervention.
  • It detects and corrects pathological defects in the organs and cells of the body through the healthy magnetic oscillations recorded in the central memory of the equipment, and therefore the body responds to the external emission of frequencies.
  • Visual diagnoses can be provided at the moment, patients can see live the location and exact functioning of their organs, which in our experience makes them feel more secure and relaxed with their treatment.
  • Evaluates organs with 97% accuracy which allows the trainer and the patient to focus on correct treatment.
  • Any influence of chemical substance, medication or biologic substance on the patient can be analyzed at once.
  • The risk stage of the disease is determined in 4025.
  • He is able to perform multivariate analyzes of systemic and organ homeostasis.
  • He is able to perform hormone blood tests without pain.
  • Evaluate acupuncture meridians.
  • It also measures the body’s electric field that is the AURA.
  • It recognizes intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses and microplasmas.
  • It gives complementary therapies of alternative medicine, such as natural elements, stones, effects of the astrological movement on the tissues, as well as points of Meriadians.
  • Identifies allergens and their causes as well as alkaline balance in tissues.
  • Provides nutritional advice considering blood group (characteristic of Chinese medicine).
  • Biochemical analysis of blood.
  • Analyze the micro flora of the organism that includes parasites, bacteria and fungi.
  • Analyzes drug tests, nutrition monitoring, phytotherapy, homeopathic samples, ointments, creams and materials with respect to their tolerance.
  • It is capable of elaborating dedicated and specialized medications for each patient.

nter NL

Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter 0


Etalon testing

Every organ and every cell has its own specific and distinctive oscillation. The oscillations are stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on the screen as a graph, which represents the condition of the information exchange between an organ or tissue and the environment. Every pathology has its own individual and distinctive graph. The computer memory also stores a very large number of pathological processes taking into account rate of evidence, age, sex and other variations.


After frequency characteristics are read from tissue, the apparatus compares spectral similarity with stored processes (healthy tissue, pathological tissue, infection agents) and then selects the closest pathological process or tendencies to its appearance. By this method of analysis it is possible to trace the condition of the red (S) input signal and the condition of the blue (N) output signal, which are displayed as graphs on the screen. From the shape of the graph it is possible to determine which of the reference



This program carries out a qualitative evaluation of the main biochemical factors by evaluating the wave functions of body tissues. This evaluation is carried out using the NLS – analysis mode. Note that the lowest values of enzyme (hormone) concentration within the normal bounds correspond to 2 in the graph. Whereas, the highest values within the normal bounds correspond to 6.


The values of the factors equal to 3, 4 or 5 correspond to the ‘mode’ of the factor, and the extreme values 1 and 7 characterize biochemical factors beyond the physiological norms, lower and higher respectively. The standard rules for making biochemical analysis using conventional clinical methods should be used when analyzing the computer results.



This shows a list of the etalons of destructive processes. This section holds basic patomorphologic conditions peculiar to single tissues of an organism. Every destructive process has a distinctive graph.



In this section are recorded the major characteristics of infection agents: – bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, rickettsias, fungi and helminths. This presents changes in the form of high peaks of dissociation within the frequency range representing the natural frequencies of the tissue.

For example Opisthorhis felineus has a high dissociation in frequency – 4.9Hz – parenchymatous liver tissue and bileexcreting tissue. These tissues are known to be largely affected by trematodes Opisthorhis felineus-
– opisthorchiasis.

Recorded in the group ALLOPATHY is the wave characteristics of the principal chemical (synthetic) medicinal preparations used in conventional medicine.


In this group the wave characteristics of homeopathic preparations are recorded.


In this group the wave characteristics of medicinal plants growing in the Midwest of Russia are recorded.



In this group the wave characteristics of biologically active supplements (BAS) produced by major Russian and foreign companies who produce and supply nutritional supplements are recorded.


In this group wave characteristics of food, domestic, animal, vegetable, and industrial allergens of all kinds are recorded.


In this group wave characteristics of food separated into groups (meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruits, oil, drinks, spices, etc.) are recorded. Dietetic foodstuff, due to their therapeutic action recommended to use, highlighted in green color. Not recommended foodstuff highlighted in black, neutral – in orange.


In the program spectral characteristics of gems and minerals are represented together with description of therapeutic action. By pressing “Picture” button you can see pictures of more than 200 minerals. Program can choose a mineral for a patient, suitable according to spectral characteristics for permanent possession or for specific diseases treatment. Using specific spectral characteristics of minerals, modulated and radiated by the apparatus, you can treat acute and chronic diseases. To start this mode press “Lithotherapy” button.


Natural frequencies of the tissues within the following standard frequency band:

– 1.8 skeletal system;
– 2.6 coarse connective tissue, joints, and cardiac valves;
– 2.6 – 3.4 loose connective tissue, striated muscular, and cardiac muscle;


– 3.4 unstriated muscular tissue.

– 4.2 tessellated epithelium of the digestive tract;
– 4.9 stratifies squamous and columnar epithelia. Parenchymatous liver tissue and tissue of the biliary tract;


– 4.9 – 5.8 kidney tissue epithelium and reproductive organs;
– 5.8 lymphoid ring of the pharynx, upper section of the respiratory
tract, lymphatic system, spleen, ovaries, and prostrate;
– 6.6 peripheral nervous system, bronchus epithelium, adrenals, and thyroid;


– 7.4 central sections of sensory analysers except the optic ones, and sub cortical structures of the brain, pons cerebelli; cerebellum, limbic system and lungs parenchyma;
– 8.2 retina, optic nerve, cerebral cortex.


By pressing “Display” button following drop list appears: “Object” – graph lines of lilac and orange color, display a graph of the examined biological object, organ or tissue plotted in the course of the investigation.
“Etalon” – thin graph lines of red and blue colors, represent a graph of the chosen reference process.
“Spectrum” – pressing this button displays an enlarged graph.

“Optimum” – a yellow graph shows normal (Gaussian) distribution of the signal in standard frequency.
“Model” – thick graph lines of red and blue colors, show a graph of the virtual model.
“Invert” – enables the polarity of the graph to be inverted.
When “Display” button is pressed, picture of microorganisms or minerals is shown. The button ‘Clear’, above the list of etalons, removes the dispersion analysis from all groups of etalons.




Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter 1


Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter 2


Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter 3



  • Diagnose through scanner by means of the eardrum to probe the body by means of resonance of magnetic waves.
  • Diagnoses diseases with preventive character.
  • Analyze all the organs of the body and see duck morphology, nosological forms and analysis of microorganisms,
  • iochemical homeostasis and more.
  • Detects accumulations from early hours that generate diseases in the future.
  • Detects conditions and problems or pathologies that still have no symptoms.
  • Detects localized infections in tissues and organs no matter where the body is
  • Analyze chromosomes
  • Analyze problems that may be accumulated in the bones.
  • Apply treatment to any alteration in organs with visible changes and improvements.
  • Applies treatment by electromagnetic waves NLS.
  • Analyze 12 body systems, organs, glands and more than 4000 diseases.
  • Provides information on phytotherapy, homeopathy, foods that are biomagnetically compatible with the person and much more.
  • Visualize the improvements in an organ in the same view or from one view to another.
  • Treat diseases from the energy body and the physical body.
  • Measure in your test cup which medicines, allopathic, phytotherapeutical, homeopathic and herbs or foods are compatible and help the patient to heal.
  • It is easy to transport and is safe in your case.
  • It is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Works with any Windows, not MAC.
  • They can replace their parts and components which will make it much more durable.
  • Analyze more than 250 organs in 3D with graph of the degree of alteration of the gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, urinary and reproductive system. You can make a study of the mammary glands, cardiovascular system, hematopoietic blood system, lymphatic system with mediastinal lymphatic vessels, endocrine system, the nervous system (including spinal cord and brain), also the somato sensory system (which are the ears, eyes, hair, nails), also the osteo muscular system and the chromosomes, all of them represented in colors for identification.



The Metapathia-GR Hunter software can operate only with the telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus “Metatron” and its subsequent modifications. The telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing device is compatible with the IBM-type PCs and intended for studying reaction of a biological object to different types of the informational impact. “Metatron” allows correlating the measurement process with the process affecting it and performs the following.


1) It measures J (0) which mirrors the change of the describing parameter, and the entropic potential relative to its initial value;
2) It transforms continuous signal J (0) with the preset intervals of frequencies into a histogram (a row of numerical values of scanned frequencies with serial numbers from 1.8 to 8.2 Hz.);
3) It sends the current W values to PC and displays the graph on the monitor simultaneously with its impact on the examinee.
4) It accumulates the W value in its memory unit, if observing the histogram is more convenient upon completion of the measurements;
5) It issues the scale-correlated commands required for regulating the effect on the examinee at testing;

6) It transmits the W values from the unit into PC memory upon completion of the measurements and saves them in unit memory of prior to the beginning of recording data of the next measurements.


The apparatus is intended to register psychophysics changes in system and allows to:

Get qualitative estimation of functional condition in a form of topical analysis.
– Control effectiveness and results of different ways of treatment.
– Analyze dynamics of functional condition changes over period of time.
– Determine initial nidus of functional breach.
– Estimate character of changes using expert systems.
– Estimate basic characteristics of bio-system homeostasis.

The information on a particular temporary condition of a biological object is read contactlessly with the help of a digital trigger sensor, which was developed using modern information technologies and micro circuitry catching tiny fluctuations of the signals, evolved out of average statistical noise characteristics of the fields, and converted into a digital sequence, processed with the help of a microprocessor for transmitting it via interface cable to the computer.


Special requirements

Requirements to carry out functional objectives in research mode. The diagnosis program uses the algorithms introduced into the program to carry out the diagnostic analysis. During the diagnosis session information exchange takes place by means of the following apparatus placed on the patient’s body. Operational life is not less than 5 years. Apparatus design provides safety of a patient and personnel. Emergency stop of the apparatus will not cause any harmful side effects.


Operating principle and operational procedures

The system operates according to the principle of the amplification of the initiating signal of disintegrating meta-stable structures. Affected by the external electromagnetic field, magnetic moments of molecular currents in the admixture centers of the cortex nerve cells, causes them to loose their original orientation. This result in misalignment of the spin structures of these delocalized electrons gives rise to unstable or meta-stable states within them. These disintegrating conditions then act as the initiating signal.

In terms of physics the apparatus is a system of electronic oscillations, which resonate at the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. With their energy being equal to the energy required to break down the dominant bands that maintain the structural organization of the biological object. The system enables the production of a preset bioelectrical activity of the brain neurons, and with this background activity, it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals, which before were hardly detectable against the static fluctuations. The information about the specific temporary conditions of organs and tissues are then gathered on a non-contact basis by means of a “trigger-sensor”, developed with the aid of modern information technology and micro-circuitry.


The sensor detects faint signal fluctuations and selects them from the average statistical noise characteristics of the field and converts them to a digital sequence that is processed by a microprocessor, which is then transmitted to the computer through the interface cable.


Capacity and productivity


The system is designed to diagnose one patient at a time. The operating cycle takes from 3 minutes to 1 hour. The system can run non-stop for 24 hours.

The computer, according to the established program operates automatically in adjusting and controlling all information. The results of the patient’s diagnosis are displayed on the monitor screen and kept on a separate file on the hard disk. The information can then be transferred to an individual diskette for future use. The current information is displayed on the screen as required.


Also you can:

Turn all pictures in color by pressing “Color” button. Repeated pressing turns pictures to black and white color scheme. Button “Color in Database” allows you to highlight organs with different functional stages from already made researches:

- Green line shows there is no pronounced functional change in evidence.
- Red line shows minor functional changes.
- Brown line shows pronounced functional and/or organic changes.

Press ‘Exit‘ to exit the program.


Some of the many functions performed with this machine.

  1. Administration.
  2. Patient’s card.
  3. Researches.
  4. Copy research.
  5. Determination of system’s resonance modulation rate.
  6. Diagnostics.
  7. Remedy preparation procedure.
  8. Etalon testing.
  11. MICROORGANISMS AND HELMINTHS. In this section are recorded the major characteristics of infection agents: – bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, rickettsias, fungi and helminths. This presents changes in the form of high peaks of dissociation within the frequency range representing the natural frequencies of the tissue.
  12. Analysis.
  13. Comparative analysis.
  14. Entropy analysis – available from “Etalon analysis” mode.
  15. NLS analysis is available from “Etalon analysis” mode..




In the Ultra-structure mode histological, cytological and molecular researches are carried out. Moving the cursor over organ’s projection, you select the structure of your interest, which image and name appear on the right, and the cursor becomes a cross-hair. Clicking the left mouse button starts researches of a respective structure at the preset point. After the researches are completed an icon emerges on the organ’s image, which can be unfolded by clicking it with the left mouse button. On one and the same organ you can make several researches of ultra-structures with different localizations, gradually passing from microscopic sections to cytological preparation and molecular structures.


Types of researches:

Express – enables investigations to be carried out on the full topographic sections without details.
Standard – enables the study of individual histological or genetic structures to be carried out, provided they show pathological changes.
Detail -enables an evaluation to be made of the structure of all body tissues on histological, cytological or genetic levels, which may be important to high quality scientific research.


The form “Researches” allows to carry out computer nonlinear analysis in the mode of a programmed and (or) individual selection of the organs intended for researches. The main feature of “Metapatia-GR Hunter” software is “3D scan” function, which allows automatically localize the nidus where tumor and hereditary diseases appeared, find out the reason of appearance on genome level, passing one by one histological, cytological preparations, chromosomes and going deeper to the level of DNA molecule parts.


You can turn on this mode by pressing “3D scan” button. If this button is not pressed, researches will be carried out in normal mode, without localizing of nidus where pathology appeared. During the research the most grave changes in tissues shown on macrocuts are revealed, then search and research of histological cuts of these tissues in areas of the most significant pathological changes are carried out. Then, after histological cut research, the search for the most significantly changed cells is carried out, which examined to reveal changes in cell structures. After that, the algorithm of the search goes to the level of chromosomes, to estimate the changes in single chromosomes, then it goes deeper to the level of DNA molecule research. During the research in “3D scan” mode the estimation of topological picture and metastasis is carried out. Additional researches fulfilled to search metastases into other organs. The research is done in automatic mode; user can observe it and stop at any moment.


The button is multi-purpose for starting of the research, estimation of micro- and additionally placed points, nidus estimation and making of preparation. The name of the button is changed according to fulfilled function.


The button “Analysis” allows carrying out a routine analysis based on the results of the researches.
The button “Ectomy” allows to preclude an attempt to examine patient’s resected organs.


The switch-button “Programmed/individual choice“; when it is pressed allows an automatic selection of a profound detailed researches of anatomical, histological and cytological structures depending upon the presence of frank changes in complete anatomical sections of the body; when the button is not pressed the physician can solely select for researches the organs belonging to one of the anatomical systems, by putting or removing tags on the organ’s picture, in the right part of the screen on the split bar with right mouse button.


The button “Make preparation” – the preparation is made automatically for pictures, in which the nidi were evaluated. After clicking this button the operator should select the organs subject to preparation making and press the button “Start preparation making”.


In organs catalogue there are two modes of representation: -graphical – organs shown as pictures; -textual – shown names of organs. You can switch modes by pressing “Textual mode” button. In textual mode “Sort” and “Cancel/Restore chosen” buttons are available. “Sort” button allows change modes of organs list sorting. There are four modes: -According to systems. Organs sorted according to systems: main catalogue, digestive system, respiratory system, urogenital system, cardiovascular system, blood and lymph, endocrine system, nervous system, sensors and musculoskeletal system.

-In alphabetical order.
-According to isolines. Positions of isolines are compared. Organs with higher positioned S-graph shown in the beginning of the list.

-According to points. In the beginning of the line shown organs with more pronounced changes in estimation points.

The ”Options button” shows additional buttons panel.



The buttons under the organ’s picture can be either depressed or pushed up; in the depressed condition organ’s respective elements are depicted. “Text” – allows acquiring information on particular fragments in the picture. To this effect you have to press the “Text” key, which will display icons in the picture, shaped as green daggers. To read the text, stop the mouse cursor on the dagger, and then a message will appear in the square next to it. Left-clicking the dagger se nds the message to print.


To this effect put ticks in squares to the left from the text of the message, in the unfolded form. In this mode there is a possibility to quick-cross for examining the picture connected with this particular research with the help of icons.


To this effect press the “Icons” key, this will display icons in the picture. In order to see what a picture a particular icon can unfold, you need to stop the mouse cursor on the icon, then the picture name will appear in a square next to it, and in place of the graph there will be its image with icons. The color square around the icon denotes the functional condition of the organ.


The color of the square corresponds to the colors described in “Program setup” section; clicking an icon unfolds the respective organ for researches



Package Export standard strong wooden box or carton
Payment terms T/T West Union paypal
Delivery time Within 3-5 days after payment received
Shipping company DHL UPS TNT FedEx or Shipping agent..
OS WinXp, vista, win7, Win8 Win 10


Medical Health Diagnostic Device Biofeedback Metapathia Nls 4025 Hunter 4












































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