Microwave Massage 1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC

Microwave Massage 1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC
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Feature: With Back Group Light And LCD
Beam Style: ≤3W/cm2
Ultrasound Output: 5.0w
Temperature Of Probe: ≤50℃
Non-uniform Beam Coefficient: 6
Time: 5-30 Minutes Adjustable
Intensity: 0.8-2.5 Adjustable
Input Rating Power: ≤25W
Ultrosound Operating Frequency: 1.05MHz±10%
High Light:

1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device


Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC


1.05MHz Ultrasound Massage Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY-CS01
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pc per paper box then into outer carton box ultrosound therapy machine
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,paypal
Supply Ability: 500
Product Description

Mechanical Function Microwave Massage Ultrasound Therapy Device


Technical advantages:
Low-power chips, digital signal generator All-digital display, precise control 1MHZ frequency output, security and stability Five-degree intensity, timer 5-30 minutes
Ultrasound therapy is natural and green therapy. No injections, no medicine, deep treatment of the disease.

Using the characteristic of ultrasound which is good permeability in body`s tissues, direction and superposed energy and using the heat effects,mechanical effects and physical and chemical effects, etc., release adhesions, improve local lesion microenvironment, improve microcirculation promote metabolism, improve tissue nutrition, widely used for soft tissue injuries and chronic pain rehabilitative care.
Introduction of ultrasound
Ultrasound, more than 2000Hz, is the mechanical wave that cannot make human hearing reflection. It is called as [ultrasound therapy” that could be applied to human disease. The ultrasound over 0.8MHz-3.0MHz has treatment effect.

Design Features:
Large backlight LCD display, simple style atmosphere, noble and elegant.
Fashionable and smart appearance, full luxury
Humanized design, more fluid lines
Touch buttons, simple style, more durable
A new generation of ergonomically designed handle probe
Professional Physiotherapy Ultrasound Ultrasonic Energy Meter Therapy Machine For Body Pain relief
Therapeutic ultrasound is utilized for injuries related to most soft tissues, joints and muscle spasms. While it shares the same name, this ultrasound is not the same as that used diagnostically to screen the body internally.

Principle of ultrasound therapy
1.Mechanical function: the ultrasound have the [micro massage” to the tissue substance and tiny cell. It could soften tissue, enhance penetration, improve metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate nerve system and cell, relief pain.
2.Heating function: it forms heat during ultrasound therapy, so it is also called as”ultrasound diathermy therapy”. it is deep heating, that penetrate below the muscle. Thus, ultrasound therapy is applied to chronic soft tissue pain, arthritis, rheumatism.
3.Physical therapy function: based on the mechanical and heating function, it will trigger physical therapy.
a)Hydrogen ion concentration changes: inflammation tissue accompanied by acidosis phenomenon, the ultrasound can make the pH value changes to the alkaline, so that the symptoms are reduced, good to inflammation repair.
b)Effects on enzyme activity: ultrasound can depolymerize complex proteins into common organic molecules, affecting the activity of many enzymes.
c)Under the action of high-intensity ultrasound, many highly active free radicals can be formed in the tissue. They can accelerate the redox process in the tissue and accelerate the growth process.

What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?
Ultrasound emits small sound waves at an extremely high frequency that is out of the range of human hearing. When applied to problem areas in soft tissues and joints, it produces heat that helps reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, in addition to decreasing pain, stiffness, and spasms. Therapeutic ultrasound is also believed to have a positive effect on the healing process.

How Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Work?
While its effects and goals are different from ultrasound screening technologies, ultrasound therapy is implemented in much the same way. The process may be familiar if you`ve ever had an ultrasound screening in the past.
An ultrasound emitting probe will be passed over your skin across the pain point or injury. We will apply ultrasound gel to your skin to reduce friction and allow for better transmission of the ultrasound waves. Despite the deep-­tissue heat applied during the therapy, you typically will feel little or no heat at all.




Item name Ulatrosound energy meter Item nr GY-CS01
Relative humidity 20%-80% Ambient 5-40℃
Power input power ≤25W Atmospheric Pressure 80-106kpa
Power 100-240Vac/ 50HZ Ultrosound Voltage ≤35W
Ultrasound operating frequency 1.05MHZ±10% Beam style Straight
Temperature of Probe ≤50℃ Output power ≤3w/cm2
Ultrasound output 5.0w Non-uniform beam coefficient 6


Microwave Massage 1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC 0


Mechanical effect - high frequency vibration

The effect of ultrasound as it advances through the medium.
Ultrasonic vibration can cause the movement of substances in tissue cells. Due to the fine massage of ultrasound, the cytoplasm flows, cells oscillate, rotate, rub, and thus produce cell massage, also known as "internal massage".
The mechanical action of ultrasound softens tissue, enhances penetration, increases metabolism, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates nervous system and cell function.


Warming effect - warming

Human tissue has a relatively large absorption power for ultrasonic energy. Therefore, when ultrasonic waves are propagated in human tissues, their energy is continuously absorbed by tissues to become heat, and as a result, the temperature of the tissues themselves is increased.
The heat production process is an energy conversion process in which mechanical energy is converted into heat energy in a medium, which called endogenous heat. Ultrasound warming can increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve local tissue nutrition, and enhance enzyme activity. In general, the thermal effects of ultrasound are marked by bone and connective tissue, with minimal fat and blood.


Physical and chemical effects - cavitation

Both the mechanical and thermodynamic effects of ultrasound can trigger several physical and chemical changes.
Cavitation forms, or maintains a stable one-way vibration, or secondary expansion to collapse, cell function changes, and intracellular calcium levels increase. Fibroblasts are activated, protein synthesis is increased, vascular permeability is increased, angiogenesis is accelerated, and collagen tension is increased.
Under ultrasound, the gel can be transformed into a sol state, a softening effect on muscles, tendons, and some pathological changes associated with tissue water deficit. Such as rheumatoid arthritis and treatment of degenerative lesions of joints, tendons and ligaments.
Ultrasound can affect blood flow, produce inflammation, inhibit and play an anti-inflammatory effect.


Microwave Massage 1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC 1

Data as follow


Handheld ultrasound probe

working status


Effective ultrsound


Pulse duration


M1 1 0.8 2
M2 2 1.2 4
M3 3 1.6 6
M4 4 2.0 8
M5 5 2.5 ...


Microwave Massage 1.05MHz Ultrasound Therapy Device 240VAC 2



1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door.

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods.

3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.


Trade Terms:

1.Payment: T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal.

2.Delivery Time: within 3 working days for the sample, bulk order depend on the detail quantity.

3.MOQ: 1pc.

4. Price Terms: EXW or FOB Shenzhen for choice.



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