Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable

Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable
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Water Storage Capacity: ≥2.0L
Keywords: Portable Home Colon Irrigation Device
Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Rated Frequency: 50hz
Certification: CE
Warranty: One Year
Dimension: 48*38*33cm
Noise Level: ≤70db Average
Relative Humidity: ≤ 75%
Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: ≤ 1000W
Color: Color
Application: Household
Environmental Temperature: 5~40℃
Function: Colon Cleaning,digestive Aid,lose Weight
High Light:

Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine


Portable Colon Hydrotherapy Machine


Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Non Invasive

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY-C010
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pc/box, 5pcs/carton. Packing size: 48*48*29cm, Weight: 7kg.
Delivery Time: 5-7 days after receiving payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 3000 pcs per month
Product Description

Portable Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Beauty Machine

Easy Operated Non-invasive colon hydrotherapy machine/colon cleaning detox weight loss machine


Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Principle:
The Colon Hydrotherapy Machine adopts the non-intrusive method to provide a safe and comfortable therapy, and it can operated easily; the user only need to hold the are-shape hydrotherapy nozzle and put it on the anus gently, the treated pure water with constant temperature and pressure will flow into the colon from the anus.


A lubricant layer between the intestinal wall and feces forms soon after water enters the colon; then the impacted feces and toxins will be evacuated through natural excretion mechanisms by decomposing the impacted feces, and promoting the squirm of large intestine.

The process enables a quick and thorough defecation. It is completely painless, non-toxic and free of side effects. Besides, the ozone generator in the system can provide ozone water for gynecologic and skin sterilization.


Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 0Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 1Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 2Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 3Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 4Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 5Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 6Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 7Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 8Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 9Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 10Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 11Colon Hydrotherapy Colonic Cleaning Detox Machine Portable 12



Water storage Capacity ≥ 2.0L
Rated Voltage AC 220V
Rated Frequency ≤1000W
Noise Level ≤70dB Average
Weight Net2.3kg/Gross 3.4
Environmental Temperature 5~40℃
Relative Humidity ≤75%
Atmpspheric Pressure 75~106 Kpa

Outstanding features:

Portable design, small and compact, no installation needed

2L water tank with heater

Flow and temperature can be adjusted

Full parameters indicated on LCD screen, including the temperature, flow, and alarms

Alarms for safety protection

Mineral filter installed

Easy operation, convenient and practical:

Remote controller

Voice Prompt

Blue light for level indication

Remaining water drain system

Work with 3 types of nozzle







Health, Longevity and Beauty, Start From Intestinal Purification!


Intestines play a key role in human body by excreting toxins and waste from inside. WHO research shows over 90% of diseases is related to constipation, impacted feces, over-accumulated intestinal toxins.


Nobel Laureate, biologist and physiologist Ilya Mechnikov discovered that "accumulation of impacted feces cause self-toxification". "Toxic waste inside large intestines is the most critical contaminated source affecting human health and lifespan. Diffused into blood circulation, it aggravates the burdens of liver and kidney and toxifies the whole body." "Deaths come from colons" "Human beings die from feces not from diseases"……


Detoxification and Purification System --- Goddess for Health and Beauty.

-- Improve Intestine Function, Get Rid of Constipation
Immediate and complete cleansing of harmful impacted feces and intestinal toxins has been proved to be a cure for constipation, hemorrhoids and flatulence. It can effectively prevent digestive system diseases such as colon inflammation and rectum cancer.

-- Reduce Liver and Kidney Burden.
Excreting impacted feces and toxins can significantly reduce blood toxin level, lower liver and kidney burden. This improves liver and kidney detoxification functions and prevent liver and kidney diseases.


-- Effectively Purify Blood

It can lower blood pressure, blood fat, blood acid and blood viscosity and improve micro-circulations. It is also an effective treatment for lassitude, insomnia, dizziness, headache, memory loss, body malodor, oral malodor and can prevent heart disease.


-- Build Up Immunity

It greatly improves functions of all body organs, build up healthy body system. It enhances immunity, prevent bacteria and virus invasion, prevent diseases and cancers.


-- Rejuvenate Skin and Lose Weight

By excretion of impacted feces and toxins, all body organs are fully recovered. It helps reduce belly fat and rebuild body shape to keep fit. It also improves the skin brightness and elasticity, removes acnes and speckles.


-- Prevent Gynecological Diseases
The instrument comes with an unique ozone generator which can sterilize and reduce inflammations in women’s private part. It is a effective and convenient treatment for gynecological diseases.


Detoxification and Purification System:Your Private Health Equipment
Superstream colon hydrotherapy system uses patented world’s first non-invasive hydrotherapy method. It is simple to use and operated by the user in maximum privacy. All you need to do is to attach the special designed arc-shape nozzle to the anus, purified water at body temperature flows into your large intestine. It forms a lubrication layer between intestines and feces, and breaks down the impacted feces.


Move away the nozzle, the dissolved feces flow out automatically as natural defecation. Regular use of colon hydrotherapy helps daily defecation, intestine clean, toxin removal, skin rejuvenation, and improves health as whole. It effectively treats diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoid. It removes feces and toxins, reduces liver and kidney burden and heart disease risk. It is an innovative health care equipment for your whole family.

  • Bothered by Constipation? Solved in One Minute---colon hydrotherapy system helps you get rid of complicated and long-term constipation completely. Regain the happiness of smooth defecation
  • Want to Stay Young and Beautiful? Start from Detoxification---It is impossible to be healthy with internal toxins stay inside your body. Now you can with colon hydrotherapy system. It removes all these internal toxins and enhances the whole body system function. It makes you look younger and more beautiful from inside out.
  • Want to Stay Healthy and Live Longer? --- Start from Intestine Purification

colon hydrotherapy system purifies your inner organs and makes them stay young. It is not a dream to live beyond one hundred years.




Top Technology, Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Quality

Safe: 1) Unique insulation unit + electrical leakage protection= double insurance for your safety

2) Flat-panel alloy heater, 100% electricity and water separation

3) Over-heat, over-pressure and over-temperature protection

Fast: 1) Fast preheat, ready in 10 seconds

2) Single button operation, easy and convenient

3) Clear Display with big screen; Optional remote control for easy operation

Reliable: 1) Innovative non-scale technique, ensure stable running for a long time

2) Stringent quality control, 48 hours reliability test under high temperature and high moisture

3) Professional R&D and production with continuous upgrade



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