Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy

Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy
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Model No: GY-L2
Laser Medium: GaAlAs Semiconductor
Laser Wavelength: 650nm & 450nm
Laser Beam No: 10 Laser Beams In Watch + 2 Nasal Laser + 2 Ear Laser + 12 Laser Beams In Panel
Laser Output Power: 5mw For Each Laser Diode
Power Source Use: Build-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
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Weight: 1KG
Color: Black
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY-L2
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pc/box, 21pcs/carton, 19×13×12 cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days after receiving payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 3000 pcs per month
Product Description

            Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy

Thank you for choosing GY-L2 Wrist-type laser therapy device !


The Laser Watch is an innovative 2-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of low-level-laser therapy.
It combines acupuncture, local pain management and external blood irradiation and will become your ideal companion—whether at home, at work or on the go.


Lower the hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertention
Prevent the cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis.


The blood is the source of the human life. There are four components of blood.
Blood plasma, red blood cell, white blood cell and blood platelet.
The red blood cell transport the blood, oxygen and kinds of nutrition to our each organs.

Along with the age growing, the change of our life style or live situation, the kinds of fat, cholesterol, lipid garbage wrapped or surrounded the blood cells. Our blood cell become hyperviscosity.
It can not through the vessel wall, means it can not trasport blood, oxygen and kinds of nutrition to our body organs. The metabolism become difficult. The Microcirculation have the problem.
All these lead to the hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes.
Finally cause the stroke, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, sudden death,etc.
For the body pain relief. It's based on Low intensity laser treatment principle.
LLLT also called low power, low level or soft laser of which the output power density is 1 j/sq.m. level.
Our therapeutic apparatus combined with Chinese traditional medicine theory of acupuncture.
The original " light acupuncture" and "light cycle" therapy.

The light cycle therapy used low intensity laser in the role of medical science and combined with acupoint stimulation of traditional chinese medicine.
After low intensity laser applied to biology, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization, cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as anti inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body function and so on, in order to achieve the cure effect.


It adopts 650nm laser irradiate the acupoint. It will penetrate our vessel wall.
The blood cells can absorb the laser energy to produce the lipoprotein lypase, the lypase will decompose the fat garbage in the blood to improve the microcirculation.
Improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen capacity so as to purify the blood , lower the hyperviscosity.
Improve the islet function, make the insulin secretion to normal level.
It can lower the hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia,hypertention , finally treat the diabetes.
Meanwhile, we combine with the nasal cavity irradiation. The nasal cavity have large number of the capillary. It's more easy stimulate the nasal nerve, improve the skull blood circulation and whole microcirculation. Trasport more oxygen and nutrition to our brain.
Finally prevent the cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Effects of Blue Light


Blue light stimulates the first complex of the respiratory chain (NADH dehydrogenase).

It has the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • enhances NO production
  • activates telomerase (Anti-Aging!)

By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad can be used very successfully in dermatology.

The body pain relief probe adopt 650nm non-invasive irradiate our pain point.
To penetrate the meridian, absorb the inflammatory edema, dredge the meridian channel, producing more biological enzyme to cure kinds of disease. Such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, frozen shoulder,arthritis,prostatitis, etc.


Incorrect sitting postures in front of the computer and physical or emotional tensions often cause painful muscle stiffness in the neck and in some cases even lead to tendinitis. Quite often these symptoms are also accompanied by headaches and shoulder pain which radiates into the arms.


Whether sport injury or chronical pain—with the laser pad you can now easily treat aching body regions and you will achieve optimal regenerative effects on cellular level. The red light of the laser unfolds its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and reparative effects deep in the tissue layer where it induces various biochemical reactions:


  • Blood vessels widen and consequently allow better oxygen transport and blood flow
  • Stimulation of the mitochondrial metabolism
  • Increase of ATP synthesis
  • Stabilization of cell membranes

Daily use can effectively prevent cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 3-5 days, you can do one blood detect, or CT detect, your brain and heart blood and oxygen will improve 30%.
6 months later, 80% diabetic insulin secretion will reach the normal level.



one or two weeks, your pain will ease at least 30%.
6 months later, you pain will decrease at least 80%, or some body pain will disappear.
1. The wrist-type treatment and pain relief laser beam treatment can not treat in the same time.
    If you want to treat by wrist-type, DO NOT insert or use the pain relief laser beam. It will automatically only for wrist-type treatment.

    If you want to treat the body pain relief, just insert the pain relief laser beam. It will automatically only for pain relief treatment.

2. Use the pain relief beam irradiate the A SHI POINT (Pain point).

3. Wear only for left hand.The device's back part correspond with the acupoint, as the picture.

4. Best treatment course: twice per day, 30-45 min per time. No more than 5 times per day.

5. Before use the nasal cavity, please use the plastic cap to protect the nasal cavity laser beam.





Laser medium 

GaAlAs semiconductor

Laser emission wavelength 

650nm & 450nm

Terminal laser probe

22 laser beams, 2 nasal laser and 2 ear laser

Laser output power 

≤5mw for each laser probe

Laser operating voltage 


Input voltage of power 


Fixed time range 

10-60 mins, 4 grades for adjustment

Environment temperature 

-20°C ~ 40°C

Relative humidity 


Atmospheric pressure 


Power source use 

Build-in lithium battery (1000mAh)

Device Size 


Product Packing 

19*13*12cm ; 1kg/set


Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy 0




Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy 1


Laser Healing Device 26 Laser Heads Acupuncture Instrument Lower Frequency Therapy 2


Packaging & Shipping

  1. 1 pc/box, 19×13×12 CM. Deliver from Shenzhen, Guangdong.

  2. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door;

  3. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving;

  4. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods!

  5. Delivery Time: 2-5 days for samples; 5-7 days for bulk order.
    Normal packed by carton box, can be customized according to order quantity.


Service and Warranty


Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing innovative, quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you are placing an order, looking for technical support or just have a basic question, we will response to you within 24 hours and will strive to bring you the highest level of support. Please contact our company Service.


A. Warranty period


Our warranty includes the maintenance of material and manufacturing technology malfunctions within Thirteen months from the date you buy our machine.


B. Restriction


If the machine is not dated, we will be unable to provide you the service. We will not bear any responsibility if any damage caused by the followings: Damage caused by fire, earthquake, riots, or any force majeure.Incidental damage such as interruption of business and loss of business benefit including loss caused by using the machine, costs raised by any other machines’ replacement, installation and service, or claims of your customers.


C. Shipping problem


If you find there is something wrong while opening the packing, please contact shipping company at first time, both of us must discuss with relative shipping company to solve the problem. At the same time, we’ll do relative help for you.


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