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Simultaneous Mini Electric Pulse Massager White 2KG Pain Relief KWD-808I

USD 55-80PC
Simultaneous Mini Electric Pulse Massager White 2KG Pain Relief KWD-808I
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Color: White
Model: KW808
Weight: 2KG
Features 1: Electric Muscle Body Device
Features 2: Pain Relief Muscle Stimulator
Features 3: Electric Muscle Body Device For Pain Relief Muscle Stimulator
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syringe infusion pump

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: KW808
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pcs/box 20box/carton
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Paypal
Supply Ability: 10000
Product Description


        KWD-808 Electric Muscle Body Device for Pain Relief Muscle Stimulator



Simultaneous Mini Electric Pulse Massager White 2KG Pain Relief KWD-808I 0


Long before HMO’s, family practice and medical malpractice insurance ever entered the stage, acupuncture was already an ancient art. It’s been around for millennia, but unlike passing medical “fads”, acupuncture is here to stay.
As a matter of fact, acupuncture – along with many other forms of alternative medicine – is back in full force. What was once a sacred study, centralized in Asian countries has now stormed across the entire planet, penetrating into even the most “traditional” Mid-Western communities.




1. Improve the sleep quality


2. Eliminating physical fatigue caused by long-time work


3. Cleaning meridian relaxing muscles and joints


4. Pain relief enhance human immunity


5. Stay away from the sub-health


6. Enhancing circulation system of body


Simultaneous Mini Electric Pulse Massager White 2KG Pain Relief KWD-808I 1



1. Microcomputer technology


2. Auto-cycle output three types waves


3. Detecting and Stimulating acupoints


4. Pulse electrotherapy


5. Massage


6. Built in music timing switches and voltmeter


7. Built in safety protection device for users 


8. DC9V(1.5x6)/CR14/UM2 type battery/AC adapter


9. 2 colors (grey, black)


Which Diseases can be helped by Acupuncture  Stimulator


 Now Acupuncture is taught and practiced all over the world in many countries and each country uses their own individual style and technique. Germany has its own style and technique as does Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Russia and Italy. Besides these countries already mentioned, there are still many others that use their own acupuncture techniques. But it should be said that most of these different and varied styles of acupuncture were derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine health care system and then modified to some degree.


Acupuncture as a sole treatment method became very popular, especially during the early 1970's when then President Nixon opened the doors to China. Many of his representatives were in awe when they toured different Chinese hospitals and observed first hand the wondrous results of acupuncture and oriental medicine techniques. By the middle and late 1970's, acupuncture was being taught in oriental medicine universities in the United States and about the same time, different healing professions began teaching brief instruction courses on the subject. 


So, what is acupuncture and how does it work?

These are two of the paramount questions people ask. Of course, the other significant questions are, Can it help me? How long will it take? Since every case is different in terms of length of treatment, and the possibility of helping varies according to the extent of the condition, the only thing that might be answered generically is, "What is acupuncture?"


What about the acupuncture meridians themselves?
Bear in mind that most have never heard of such an unusual concept. We are basically knowledgeable about nerves, blood vessels, muscles, etc., as one can visualize and actually demonstrate hard evidence of their existence. Suddenly, we are presented with a concept of invisible meridians that carry invisible qi energy. May have never encountered anything so mystical regarding the human body; suddenly, we're are being asked to accept with blind faith a concept that goes beyond their general understanding of anatomy and physiology.







Adjustable Frequency and Intensity


Adjustable Sensitivity probe-Point Locator


Build-in Timer


Five Buttons Wave Form Selection


Frequency Indicator Green Led Light


Power Green Led Light


DC 9V (1.5x6) Size CR14 UM2 Battery

  Provide electro-needle therapy
  Alternative to Hand Massage
  Musical timing switch for medical treatment
  Operating Output Protection Device
  Provide needless acupuncture-pulse electric therapy
  Assisting to Detect Acupoints
Multi-Purpose Health Device



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