Purple Grey Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Korean Spanish

Purple Grey Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Korean Spanish
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Type: Biochemical Analysis System
Color: Purple,Grey
OS: Window Xp,window Vista,window 7,window 8
Language: English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Malay,Russian
Package: Aluminum Case
Warranty: 1 YEAR
Shipping Mode: TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS...
Software Version: Update Free
Category: Sistema De Diagnostico BIO-ESCANER
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quantum therapy analyzer


quantum health test machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: GUANG DONG, CHINA
Brand Name: SSCH
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY-D02
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1pc/ Aluminum case, packing size: 60x40x25cm
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days after payment confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 5000 Unit/Units per Month
Product Description

Purple Grey Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Korean Spanish



Working with principles of quantum medicine, the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser detects changes in electromagnetic waves emitted by the body’s cells. By holding a sensor in the palm of the hand the GY-D02 analyses weak cellular electromagnetic waves throughout the body enabling practitioners to gain a broader understanding of their clients’ health status via bio-electromagnetic field analysis.




How does it work?

Bioelectromagnetism (sometimes equated with bioelectricity) refers to the electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues or organisms. Examples include the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials.


Reference: Jaakko Malmivuo, Robert Plonsey, Bioelectromagnetism: Principles and Applications of Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields. Oxford University Press. New York, Oxford. 1995. Introduction. GY-D02’s sensitivity provides a view of potential precursors to chronic disease by detecting 10 or more cells in a disease state. Early detection of potential disease enables practitioners and their clients to establish strategies to return the body to a balanced state.

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Disease and electromagnetic energy

States of health are represented by different electromagnetic wave lengths or frequencies emitted by the body. These frequencies are different in each part of the body and for different health conditions.

According to quantum medicine, illness causes changes to electron spin and/or orbit. This change in electron spin and/or orbit causes an cascade of change upwards in scale from the atom to small biomolecules, big biomolecules, individual cells and finally organs within the body.



Quantum magnetic resonance analysis reports

37 reports covering all body systems.


Separate reports are produced for male and female reproductive systems. Quantum magnetic resonance analysis can be used in conjunction with other analysis tools provides practitioners with a detailed overview of their client’s health status.


Sample report is provided below, demonstrating the depth and detail of information available to the practitioner. Please note the test results generated by this system are for reference only and not to be used as a diagnostic conclusion.



The Quantum Health Analyzer Have 41 Reports

1 Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular

22 Heavy Metal

2 Gastrointestinal Function

23 Basic Physical Quality

3 Liver Function

24 Allergy

4 Large Intestine Function

25 Obesity

5 Gallbladder Function

26 Skin

6 Pancreatic Function

27 Eye

7 Kidney Function

28 Collagen

8 Lung Function

29 Channels and collaterals

9 Brain Nerve

30 Pulse of heart and brain

10 Bone Disease

31 Blood lipids

11 Bone Mineral Density

32 Gynecology (female)

12 Rheumatoid Bone Disease

33 Breast (female)

13 Bone Growth Index

34 Menstrual cycle (female)

14 Blood Sugar

35 Prostate (male)

15 Trace Element

36 Male Sexual Function (male)

16 Vitamin

37 Sperm and semen (male)

17 Amino Acid

38 Element of Human

18 Coenzyme

39 Comprehensive Report

19 Endocrine System

40 Thyroid

20 Immune System


(kids younger than 10 years old)





























What features of our mini 3rd generation quamtum analyzer

Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of medical and computer experts invented quantum health monitor.
2). Comprehensive
Our quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to human body. After the test, 16 health reports can be obtained.
The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare product can reach up to 85%.
4). Ahead
Our therapy device can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. The early detection will make for early treatment.
The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting techniques after a short-term training.
Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for patients.
The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.
The health check is made in a non-invasive way, so the instrument will not harm human body. Based on the testing reports, the users can get the information about health status and prescription.



Operation ways on quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
1) install software in PC
2) connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use),
the metal stick line to Machine.
3) open the software, meanwhile, hand the metal stick, and choose start testing.
4) 1 minutes, it will auto-show the test result.








Q1: What is the minimum quantity to customise the machine with programmes for my formulas?


----> 50 is minimum quantity to OEM,100 is minimum quantity to modify software.



Q2: Do you accept payment by PayPal. Maybe there is no service charge? Are there any charges, if payment is made by Paypal?


----> Yes,Palpal is OK,charge 4% of total as service fee which is supposed to pay by clients.

       Our payment terms are Paypal,Western Union,T/T,credit card by online escrow Paypal.



Q3How is Quantum Analyzer different from the 8D nls and 3D nls?


----> 8D LRIS NLS are more advanced than 3D NLS.Quantum and 3D are not comparable,let alone 8D.8D and 3D can       analyse and therapy body,quantum only can analyze body.

8D and 3D can detect various organs, tissues, and even cell chromosome,quantum can get body synthesis report.




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Purple Grey Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Korean Spanish 2


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